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This is a collection of pictures of interesting things you can find around Manado and Sulawesi. Islands, boats, rivers, people, sexy girls, monuments, buildings, churches, fruits, ceramics and anything.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A view to Bunaken Island

A view to Bunaken and Manado Tua Island.
Location: Marina Bay, Manado.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Canon EOS 60D - New Adventure

It's been a long time after my last post. Some of my colleagues asked me about this long period of inactivity, "What happened? Have you lost your interest in photography?"

Well, not really. I am now holding a Canon EOS 60D in my hand. A stunning DSLR with many sophisticated features. My daughter really likes the vary-angle, a feature that enables her to make pictures of herself without my assistance. If you are this kind of narsistic type of person who change your profile picture in facebook every hour, then this is for you :-).

Euphorbium flower : Canon EOS 60D with macro + autofocus

Yes, I admit that I have lost my focus and interest on mobile photography. I still believe that real photography does not depend on what equipment that you use, but it depends on YOU and your mindset. I just do not have as strong interest as before to keep doing it every day. It's partly due to my increased activity as a doctor, and partly due to my other interest in some businesses.

I bought this Canon EOS 60D for my daughter as she took photography as her extracurricular class, but now I find myself experimenting with this gadget nearly everyday.
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